"Little Women Dallas" is back tonight for the premiere of Season 2 on Lifetime. It looks like things with the Dallas women have picked up right where they stopped at the end of Season 1 and fans will get to see how several story lines continue to play out.

Asta vs. Emily Fernandez over the mini-bar idea

Everyone is talking about Asta and her dreams to open a bar owned and operated by little people. It turns out that Emily Fernandez also liked that idea and after her possible partnership with Asta didn't work out, Emily started planning to open a bar of her own.

That didn't go over with Asta, who has been working on her idea for years.

After Asta and Emily's friendship turns to ice over the mini-bar debacle, Asta decided to turn to the courts for help with the mini-bar issue. In the "Little Women Dallas" Season 2 sneak preview, we saw Emily Fernandez get served with a cease and desist order over her bar plans. It turns out that if Emily moves forward and decides to open a bar anyway, Asta is threatening to sue. Will Emily go ahead and start her own bar regardless?

Tiffani gets a proposal and Caylea gets a pregnancy scare

In addition to the huge drama unfolding between Asta and Emily, it looks like Tiffani Chance will be in the middle of a huge "Little Women" drama in Season 2.

Last season, we saw her literally kick her best friend out of her home in order to move in her boyfriend Austin.

Well, despite having been dating Austin for years, it turns out that Tiffani may not have known him so well after all. Once Austin got moved down to Dallas with Tiffani, he got incredibly lazy in his quest to find a job.

Between that and his extreme laziness and apparent allergic reaction to doing any type of chores, Tiffani was left questioning their entire relationship.

That doesn't stop Austin from proposing to Tiffani, who now has to decide if she should say yes or no. Considering how many issues that this couple has, many "Little Women Dallas" fans have their own opinions about what she should do.

Tiffani's best friend Caylea, whom she kicked out to make room for Austin also has her fair share of drama. Everyone loves Caylea for her fun-loving, party girl style. However, it looks like Caylea has been taking some huge risks and now she might be pregnant and single. She's also incredibly young so an unplanned pregnancy is definitely not something she's excited about. It wasn't revealed if Caylea is pregnant or not in the preview so fans will have to tune in to the Season 2 premiere of "Little Women Dallas" to see how everything works out.

"Little Women Dallas" airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.