Traci Harrison Tsou left "Little Women LA" during her pregnancy so that she could focus on having a healthy pregnancy. Now it looks like she's having some medical issues that fans of the Lifetime show are concerned about.Just days ago, Traci took to Instagram and let fans know that she was about to undergo spinal surgery. The former reality TV star didn't go into detail about why she was having surgery or what brought it on. She did use the hashtag #LittlePeopleProblems though, causing many to suspect that whatever surgery she is having is related to her dwarfism.

Traci tells fans she had spinal surgery

Traci Harrison Tsou underwent surgery on the same day that she told her "Little Women LA" fans that she was going in. Later that day, after the procedure was done, she took to Instagram again to let everyone know how it all went. In the photo Tsou posted after her surgery, she was wearing a neck brace and it looked like she was definitely still medicated, which makes sense considering that she just had spinal surgery.

"Surgery went good!! In ICU for one night for observation. Brace will be the new norm for the next six weeks, but it could be worse. Thankful for the best doctors and that everything went good. I appreciate all the love and prayers. It means so much to me!" Traci wrote.

Tsou left reality TV to start a family

Traci gave birth to her first son in November 2015 with her husband Erik Tsou. The former "Little Women LA" star ended up leaving the show to make sure that she had an uneventful pregnancy. Traci had three miscarriages before successfully carrying her son, so while her story would have made for interesting reality TV, it was more important that she rid herself from as much stress as possible and take it easy during the pregnancy.

Ever since having her baby boy, Traci Harrison Tsou has mostly remained out of the spotlight. Aside from sharing a few pictures of her family and now this spinal surgery news, Tsou seems to be enjoying a quieter life with her new small family. Will she ever return to the spotlight of "Little Women LA" or is she done with Reality TV?