"When Calls The Heart" brought another story line to a close this week when Bill Avery brought evidence back to town to bring the railroad manager Ray Wyatt to justice. Ray's brother also returns to town after being summoned by Elizabeth.

Finding the evidence proves difficult

Although many of the story lines often focused on the miners and their stories, "When Calls the Heart" shifted gears this season. The stories have become more relationship-driven as is the case with Bill and A.J. and Rosemary and Lee. Relationship conflict drives this week's story.

"When Calls the Heart" opens with Bill Dorsey and A.J. Foster as they plan to dig up the evidence that would put Ray Wyatt in jail. The next day, as they are looking for the evidence to dig it up, they are stopped by a bounty hunter who tries to take A.J. into custody to get the bounty.

Bill and A.J. work together to get away from the bounty hunter. A.J. finally agrees to work with Bill to find the evidence and return it to Hope Valley. Since A.J. can't remember where she buried the evidence, they have to continue the search.

Earl Wyatt returns to town at the request of Elizabeth. His sons Chad and Ray have been causing problems at the school and bullying other children. When Elizabeth and the children arrive at school, it has been vandalized by Chad and Ray.

Elizabeth expels them, and the children have school outside.

Lee buys the first car in town. Rosemary begs Lee to teach her how to drive it. Rosemary takes the car out by herself and nearly has an accident in the car. Lee later confronts her about what happened. They argue, and Rosemary leaves him and goes to stay with Elizabeth.

Later Elizabeth and Rosemary talk. Elizabeth convinces Rosemary to talk to Lee and apologize. Rosemary admits she is wrong and they resolve their differences.

The evidence is finally found

After the school is vandalized, Elizabeth has a talk with Earl Wyatt. He says that his wife left five years ago. Elizabeth encourages him to talk to his boys and explain the situation.

Earl finally has a talk with his sons and tells them what happened with their mother. He apologizes and tells them that he is home to stay. They go to the school to clean up the damage and apologize to Elizabeth.

The pastor suspects that Carson Shepard, the man who works for Abigail in the cafe, is hiding something. He gets caught searching Carson's room and tells Carson to come clean with Abigail. Carson finally relents and tells Abigail why he came to Hope Valley. His wife had gotten sick. She died, and he left to start a new life.

A.J. and Bill finally find the evidence. She pulls a gun on Bill and tries to take it away from him. Bill takes the gun from her and shows her it's empty. They are attacked again by another bounty hunter, but they escape.

Before they return to town, Abigail confronts the mayor to find out what he is hiding. A. J. and Bill return to Hope Valley with the evidence they need to prosecute Ray Wyatt. Wyatt is taken into custody, and the mayor promises to turn over states' evidence.

Elizabeth finally receives her letter from Jack. "When Calls the Heart" airs Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. on the Hallmark Channel.