Season 3 of "Little Women Atlanta" premiered on Lifetime on Wednesday night. These little women bring big drama, but the most shocking moment of the new episode came near the end when Minnie made a huge confession. She finally admitted that she was never pregnant with Pastor Troy's baby and that she made the whole thing up!

Season 3 starts off with drama from the last reunion show

Most of the "Little Women Atlanta" cast already figured that Minnie was telling stories but it was her explosive confrontation with Ms. Juicy in Season 2 that caused the most drama.

When Ms. Juicy learned that Minnie was telling everyone she was pregnant, she decided to throw a baby shower for her frenemy because she wanted to out her Reality TV co-star for writing her own story line.

Well, Minnie and Ms. Juicy got into it again during the first episode of Season 3 because Minnie was still mad at her former friend for "gifting" her with a black balloon to remind her of the baby shower fiasco during the very explosive Season 2 reunion show.

Minnie's confession fueled by confrontation with Ms. Juicy

The drama came to a head again when newcomer Tanya Scott and her new live-in nanny Sam invited the other "Little Women Atlanta" cast members over for a little welcoming party. Ms.

Juicy, Amanda, Andrea, Monie, and Minnie showed up to party but it quickly turned into another day of fighting for the "Little Women Atlanta" stars.

Juicy claimed that she hadn't talked to Minnie since the reunion show because she was just too busy with work. That wasn't what she had said earlier in the episode, though. During a scene shot in the salon where she works, Juicy claimed that she was done dealing with Minnie and that she didn't even want to be friends with her anymore.

Monie and Juicy ended up ditching Tanya's party after the newest confrontation with Minnie and the fight over the deflated black balloon. That's when Tayna pulled out the sage and burned a bit of it around Minnie to help clear out the bad vibes.

A grand confession at the gay pride parade

Apparently, Minnie decided she really wanted to clear the air, and in order to do that, she was going to have to confess to some lies that she told in the previous season.

Near the end of the episode when the ladies came together again to support a friend in the Atlanta gay pride parade, Minnie decided it was time to get everything off her chest. While sitting in the grass with the rest of the "Little Women Atlanta" cast, she confirmed what everyone seemed to already know.

"I just wanted to clear everything and tell you just upfront, I wasn't pregnant," Minnie confessed.

Clearly, Minnie was affected by what Tanya said to her during the party at her house. It's great that she decided to come clean and admit that she lied about being pregnant with Pastor Troy's baby. Unfortunately, Minnie's confession came right at the end of the episode and now we have to wait another week to see how Ms. Juicy reacts to the news that she was right all along.