Legends of tomorrow” is no stranger to time travel. The show has visited some major moments in time, including World War II. The show has also visited the future, allowing us to see what the world has to offer in centuries that are still to be seen. There has been some major focus on time travel. Rules have been set to make it very clear that the time travelers can’t mess with too much. Of course, things don’t always work out as expected.

While many events have been on the table, there is one moment of history that will definitely not be featured in “Legends of Tomorrow.” The discussion of this event is extremely timely, considering Easter weekend coming up.

What event will the Legends not see?

According to the showrunner Phil Klemmer, the events of 33AD are definitely off the table. For those who aren’t sure what that means, it’s the time given for Jesus’ crucifixion. Klemmer says that it would open some major theoretical can of worms and he isn’t interested in doing that. Chances are that the majority of Jesus’ life will not be used for the show, for some very similar reasons.

The can of worms statement is certainly true. Not everyone believes that the crucifixion happened. While there are events in the Bible that have been proven possible through science, there is no proof that Jesus actually lived and died. A show that is based on superheroes and magical powers would need to acknowledge that the Bible stories are true to visit the time of Jesus’ death.

It’s not all about the truth problem for ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Opening the theological can of worms isn’t the only reason Klemmer gave for choosing not to include the crucifixion at all in “Legends of Tomorrow.” He noted that where they film makes it very difficult to create the perfect setting for such a storyline. For those who aren’t aware, the DC adaptation is filmed in Vancouver, Canada, along with the rest of the DC shows on the CW channel.

The crucifixion would need to be somewhere with sand and dessert. That isn’t going to be easy to find in Vancouver. While there are some possibilities, Klemmer wants the settings to be as near perfect as possible and he doesn’t feel that he would get that. There isn’t the option to take the cast elsewhere to do the filming due to budget constraints.

Legends of Tomorrowseason 2 wrapped up its season finale earlier this month. The good news is that the CW has confirmed the show for another season, which will likely air in the fall of 2017. The CW hasn’t confirmed its full fall lineup just yet.