Kylie Jenner and Tyga have reportedly broken up again. While this isn't anything new for the young couple, many believe this could be the last time the reality star and rapper will ever be together. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star and her "100s" rapper boyfriend have been on-and-off since they started dating in 2014. And while the recent break-up doesn't seem to be any different to their past timeouts, Tyga's recent run-in with the cops could be the last straw for their unstable romance. Will they be breaking up for good?

Kylie Jenner 'a different person' with Tyga

Kylie is a shining star. Coming from the family of reality TV royalties, the youngest Jenner sister is establishing a name for herself and has seen her star succeed in recent years. Aside from her own lip and makeup line, she's also set to star in the newest "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" spinoff "Life of Kylie." Everything seems to be going well for Kylie.

However, according to sources, whenever Kylie Jenner, Tyga break up, the young star turns "turns into a different person." Jenner is so in love with her boyfriend that she focuses on him and only him whenever they're together. Just as well, whenever they go through some rough patches, Kris Jenner's youngest daughter is immensely affected.

So is her work. “When Kylie is happy, they’re happy — but it’s never that simple,” a source told People. "She’s in such an incredible position right now — poised to have such incredible success. But when things go awry between those two, Kylie loses focus and turns into a different person."

While the source confirmed that the two tend to take short breaks from each other, some fans speculate that recent events will force the two to break up for good.

It doesn't seem like Jenner is affected by all the chitchat though -- she recently posted videos of herself lip-synching to some of Tyga's new songs. If they're breaking up for good, Jenner sure does a good job hiding it.

Tyga arrested and handcuffed after night out

Another incident that has added fuel to the rumor fire of the Kylie and Tyga split is the recent arrest of the rapper.

The 27-year-old artist was driving his new Mercedes G-Series when cops pulled him over for running a stop sign and driving without a license, E! reports. The LAPD has confirmed that the "Ayo" singer was brought to the station for a sobriety test. He passed the test and was released shortly after with a traffic citation.

His recent run-in with the cops could add up to the rumored problems he's been having with Kylie Jenner. Could this push the two to officially head for splitsville? No one knows for sure, but if the last three years of their relationship are indication, the two will probably be back together in no time. Young love could be unbreakable.