The first trailer for the upcoming new installment in the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," is expected to premiere at the Star Wars Celebration event next week. However, before fans will have their first glimpse at the new look of the characters, reports have now revealed that looks may not be the only things that will be changed in the upcoming film.

A glimpse at Kylo's new wardrobe

While most fans have already seen what Rey, Finn, and Poe will look like in the upcoming movie, thanks to several "Star Wars" merchandise, there hasn't really been any new material for Kylo Ren.

However, folks over at Marking Star Wars have now published artist renderings that depict Kylo Ren's new appearance in the upcoming movie.

Darth Vader's grandson gets his hipster on

The recently published renderings now show Kylo wearing a longer cape instead of the half cape he wore on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." There are reports that have claimed that the cape could be Darth Vader's actual cape from the previous movies. This wouldn't be a far-fetched assumption as Kylo has been known to collect his grandfather's belongings in the past.

Kylo gets a makeover

Apart from his new cape, the evil Ben Solo will also apparently be sporting a new distinguishing feature in the form of a large scar across his face.

This is, of course, all thanks to Rey who introduced his face to her lightsaber in the previous movie. The scar he got from his battle with Rey will reportedly be featured quite a lot in the upcoming film as it will serve as a reminder of his failure.

Kylo will also reportedly be donning a new mask this time around, but he could be taking it off quite a lot during the movie to feature his scar.

After killing his father, Han Solo, Kylo has now fully surrendered himself into the dark side. While some fans are still hoping for a redemption story in the upcoming film, that is likely not going to be happening.

The First Order's new look

Other members of The First Order will reportedly also get new upgrades in the new movie.

Captain Phasma will apparently have a new set of henchmen following her around in the form of the new Executioner Stormtroopers. Previous reports have revealed that Captain Phasma will be wielding a new spear-like weapon in the upcoming movie. However, his henchmen have now been revealed to be carrying some sort of ax with energy beams, which does make sense given their designation as executioners.