Kelly Osbourne's new tell-all Book is doing just that, telling all the Osbourne family dirt and it is pretty juicy stuff according to a new CDL post. Kelly's book titled "There Is No F*cking Secret" is straight and to the point. Osbourne is not holding back and no-one even her closest family members, parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, or brother Jack are off limits.

Kelly Osbourne gets a lot off her chest in a new tell-all.

Osbourne writes describing her hard and difficult childhood. She reveals that Sharon and Ozzy were often not the greatest parents, in fact, she describes some pretty horrific times revealing that she was often their caregiver as a very young child.

Sharon and Ozzy were not great parents claims Kelly.

Kelly describes in her book, one very scary time when mom Sharon suffered a seizure as her dad Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne overdosed by taking a handful of pills. Kelly reveals that Ozzy passed out on top of Sharon while they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive.This is just one of the many Osbourne family tidbits Kelly reveals. So far, Sharon and Ozzy have not reacted publicly to Kelly's family tell-all. But then again, why would they, the truth is the truth and it is just as much Kelly's story as it is theirs.

It must have been a very difficult time growing up in the Osbourne house amidst all the chaos, family fights, and dysfunction that MTV only scraped the surface of during the family's reality series.

Sadly, Kelly Osbournes' life sounds very much like something from the Showtime hit series "Shameless." It has been wondered if the daily drama and dysfunction Kelly and brother Jack lived during those crazy years is responsible for a series of troubles that have plagued them over their younger years.

Kelly Osbourne has remained pretty low key for quite some time now, making news headlines last year after she publicly slammed father Ozzy Osbourne's mistress, and tweeting her phone number calling her out during her parents most recent difficult marital time.

Kelly's new book sounds like an excellent upcoming discussion for the ladies of "The View" not to mention a possible best seller.

But, will Kelly's book cause some bad blood among the Osbourne family, after all, some family secrets may be better left untold? Kelly Osbourne's book "There Are No F*cking Secrets" hits books store shelves on April 25th. Does this sound like the kind of juicy celebrity tell-all book you would like to read?