Kate Gosselin is one super strict mom. The reality star and single mother of eight children runs such a tight ship that she is being parent shamed, not only by her children, but by the public. Raising eight children is a hard job, raising eight children after a nasty divorce is insane, so it makes sense that Kate Gosselin has to attempt to keep her household running as smoothly as possible.

Kate Gosselin's house, Kate Gosselin's rules

However, according to In Touch magazine, some of Kate's super Strict Rules have been leaked to the public and once again Gosselin is taking some serious backlash for her parenting skills.

TLC fans past and present are well aware that Kate and Jon Gosselin do not see eye to eye when it comes to raising their children, they also know that Kate pretty much calls all the shots.

How many of the Gosselin kids will sell their stories when they are grown?

One of Kate's alleged rules for the kids is that they are not permitted to take their possessions from one parent's home to the next. This includes their clothes and toys. Kate reportedly makes sure that this rule is fully enforced, and when the children return from visiting their dad, she lines them up and goes through everything, even going as far as frisking the kids to make sure they are not sneaking in cell phones or electronics that could be used to record their private family moments.

This is completely for their protection, according to reports, but many believe that it is more for Kate's protection than for the children. Some feel that Kate is worried that the children could record family issues that her ex-Jon Gosselin could potentially attempt to use against Kate in court. The reports reveal that the kids are getting fed up with Kate's rules, and this could potentially cost her her children one day.

When the kids are grown there will be plenty of opportunities coming their way to sell their stories, most likely for some major cash. How will Kate come across then? The next few years could get very interesting for Kate, Jon, and the Gosselin kids.

Do you agree with Kate Gosselin'strict rules, or does she need to lighten up a bit?