Janet Jackson recently gave birth to her first son at the age of 50 and even though her relationship with Wissam Al Mana seemed to be going just fine, it looks like they are getting a Divorce. It is said that when the baby comes, a bad marriage becomes worse and a good marriage becomes even better. If this is true, the marriage of Janet Jackson was so weak that it couldn’t survive the pressure of the first couple of months of baby’s life. However, sources claim problems started quite some time before that.

The couple had serious problems

According to one source close to the couple, the divorce was friendly and there were no problems.

On the other hand, the second source claims that they’ve had some serious problems for months and their marriage was simply not strong enough. Allegedly, Wissam was way too strict during Janet’s pregnancy. She already agreed to obey his wishes when it comes to her looks, behavior, etc., but his pregnancy requests were just too much and that caused a lot of problems for the couple.

Wissam demanded that Janet wears clothes that cover her entire body even in concerts. However, her fans are used to a completely different performance as Janet has always worn provocative outfits and the fans loved it. Furthermore, he had rules she had to follow when it comes to making music videos. There wasn’t supposed to be any dancing and rubbing with other men, even though that is one of the main features of her work.

All the pressure and rules made Janet crazy and she started to feel that she is losing her fans.

Janet was feeling isolated and lonely

Another thing that disturbed Janet in her marriage was the isolation. Her husband rarely wanted to meet up with her friends and family, which made Janet feel lonely. Still, the couple hoped baby would change everything.

Janet gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Eiss Al Mana on January 3rd and both of them instantly fell in love with him. Sadly, even that was not enough to keep them together. Wissam insisted his wife obeys strict Muslim rules, so even though she lives in London Janet was not allowed to breastfeed in public.

Now that all the drama is over and the couple is getting a divorce people wonder what will happen with their bank accounts. It is still unknown if that will be an issue since they had no prenuptial agreement. Janet Jackson’s wealth has been estimated to $ 20 million, while Qatari businessman has billions on his account.