It has been known that Abby Lee Miller underwent a gastric sleeve surgery to help her control her weight, a procedure, she said, “Dance Moms” producers didn’t allow her to do. The 50-year-old star admitted that she still feels angry to the show’s creators.

The choreographer claimed that they are the ones to partially blame for her overweight as they are not allowing her to eat healthily. Instead, they are giving her snacks and meals from the fast food that is known to be very unhealthy.

Miller’s payback time

Miller recalled the time when she was still in “Dance Moms” where she was trying to go vegan, but they would give her a “hoagie or Italian sub” as an alternative.

“I’m like, ‘What is this, lunch meat? I can’t eat this!'” she told Entertainment Tonight.

The business owner revealed that this kind of attitude from the staff of the dance reality television series would make her never return to the show. She revealed that she already had enough of them and their lack of respect for her is too much. For them, she would always be the Podunk dance teacher from Pittsburgh that they saved and wouldn’t be the choreographer that made the program famous.

She admitted that she hates her appearance on television, so she wants to look better. And this, too, will make the show’s mothers a lot more envious and this is her motivation and payback to them. Seriously talking, she wanted to get back into a better shape before her verdict’s reading takes place in May.

Her fears over the surgery and verdict

Moreover, wiping her tears before the surgery started, she spilled the fears she felt as she was about to enter the operating room. She felt sad that nobody was going to worry about her if something wrong in the middle of the operation happened.

In the video exclusively obtained by ET, Miller can be seen donning the hospital gown and cap while lying on the hospital bed.

While the doctors were preparing to start, she stated that she was scared and nervous.

In spite of the hullabaloos, the dance instructress believed that this is the perfect time that she takes care of herself. Some say that her court sentence is about to come; thus a surgery is not needed. Although she admitted that she’s more nervous on the verdict than the operation, the right time wouldn’t come if she doesn’t do it.

Meanwhile, Miller believed that everything she is now going through is the universe’s way to send her a message. She explained that there might be someone out there telling her that she should go for it. So whatever what happens on the court, she could be a little healthier, not to mention sexier. She went under the knife of Dr. Michael Russo at the Smart Dimensions Surgical Center in Newport Beach, California.