Some shows are canceled by a network without any input from the show. However, that was not the case with "Duck Dynasty" that had been a hit series for 11 seasons over five years. The Robertson Family jointly decided with A&E to end one of the biggest hits in the history of cable television. The finale of the season and the last show of the series was on March 29, 2017.

A segment about "Duck Dynasty" and the Robertson family was televised on "Good Morning America" on Thursday, April 6. ABC News’ Jesse Palmer talked to the family about moving on now that their show has ended.

Popularity of the series

The reality television series showed the lifestyle of the Robertsons. The Louisiana Christian family became successful because of their family-owned and operated business, Duck Commander. While the show was on the air, it broke several records for the network and all of the cable television. It became the most-watched cable series in history. By the time "Duck Dynasty" ended, it had aired 130 episodes.

The show launched in 2012, and by the fourth season, 11.8 million people were watching. However, by the sixth season, only 4.6 million were still watching. By season 10, only 1.3 million were still loyal fans.

Reasons for ending the show

After five years, it was easy to see that the ratings had gone down.

Another reason the network and the family decided to stop the show was that cast members had become excessively busy with other assignments and business opportunities. For example, Sadie Robertson left to participate on "Dancing with the Stars" and to have a role in the movie "I'm Not Ashamed."

Sadie's father, Willie Robertson, took time away from the show to get involved in politics by attending events and campaigning for Donald Trump.

He and other family members wrote books. Uncle Si, Miss Kay, John Luke and Alan Robertson are just a few who released books during the time the series was on the air. Uncle Si also has a spinoff series "Going Si-Ral" on A&E. As you can see, the whole family has been quite busy.

As they say, "All good things must come to an end." It was good while "Duck Dynasty" lasted. The Robertsons came, they saw, and they conquered. Now that the series has ended, do you think another show will air on television that will have the same impact as "Duck Dynasty"?