Ever since the "fifty shades Of Grey" fever hit the big screens, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson dating news have been spreading like wildfire. Understandably, their oozing chemistry on-screen paired with their very intimate and sexy scenes are to be blamed for such speculations. However, the dating speculations may have gotten a bit too far, considering that Dornan is actually married to Amelia Warner and a dad of two girls. After "Fifty Shades Of Grey" successful run on the big screen, talks about Dornan wanting to quit the franchise leaked. This was attributed to possible marital woes, with Warner allegedly requesting Dornan to graciously pass on the role to another actor for the next movie installments.

However, Jamie Dornan pushed through with "Fifty Shades Darker," garnering another high grossing hit internationally. Basing on previous reports that "The Fall" actor was considering to leave the "Fifty Shades" franchise, the fans began to wonder what could have changed the actor's mind. Did Dakota Johnson have a say in Dornan's decision?

Dornan and Johnson put trust and friendship first

According to reports, people on the set of "Fifty Shades" just shrug off Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson dating news mainly because they are aware that the two are simply professional actors who happened to build a good friendship because of the roles they had to play. In fact, in a previous interview, Dakota Johnson shared that she puts her trust in her on-screen partner during intimate scenes to shake off awkward vibes.

Spending long hours on the set has also paved the way for the "Anthropoid" actor and "How To Be Single" actress to be at ease with each other and form a true friendship. That said, sources close to the "Fifty Shades" lead stars revealed that Johnson is in no way interested with Dornan, and is in fact, keeping her distance as respect for Amelia Warner.

No communication after 'Fifty Shades'

Now that the second installment of the movie series inspired by E.L. James' books has been released, the cast and crew of the movie are now on a much-deserved break. Dakota Johnson was spotted vacationing in sunny Miami with her friends while Jamie Dornan is reportedly spending quality time with his family.

While Dornan and Johnson are considered to be very close during the entirety of the movie production and filming, they are reportedly not communicating with each other while on break. The third installment of E.L. James' book-to-movie adaptation is reportedly already in the works that's why Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are soaking up all the free time on their hands right now.