Jake Harris of "The Deadliest Catch" has been going through a lot over the past few years. He was actually attacked and then spent some time in the hospital. His brother Josh kept the fans updated on how he was doing at the time. Jake is now out of the hospital and doing better now, but he was arrested this weekend on charges of stealing a car and drug possession. This is not the first time that Jake has been in trouble with the law, but it had looked like he was keeping himself clean over the last few years.

What went down with Jake Harris?

Jake Harris actually went with a lady friend on a vacation that was a drive from Phoenix from Washington state.

It sounds like a great time, but things didn't go as planned for him. The woman is allegedly married, but they have spent time together in the past as well. On Friday morning, this woman called the police and said that Jake Harris had left the hotel and took her car along with him. She wasn't happy about it all and wanted him arrested for taking her car. She didn't say if they had a fight or what actually went down between them to make Jake leave her behind at the hotel and take her car. You can easily assume there is a story there to tell.

The woman couldn't find Jake Harris at all, so she reported her car as stolen. Then the next day she found Jake at a quick shop, so she actually called the cops to come there.

They found Jake in her stolen car, but he also had crystal meth and Xanax with him. Jake even admitted that he used this stuff for personal use. He was arrested for taking her car and of course, the drugs that he was found with on him. The woman may not ever go on a trip with Jake again after this one. They have spent time together in the past but seeing that she is married it doesn't seem like they were actually a couple or anything.

Jake Harris of "The Deadliest Catch" ended up getting arrested for one count of felony theft and two counts of felony drug possession. Back in 2010, he was arrested for DUI. This is not Jake's first brush with the law, but everyone is hopeful that he will learn from this and get his life together. Fans have been following him ever since his time on the show and just want the best for this reality star regardless of what he has been through over the years.

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