There is a lot of excitement around the "Dark Tower" movie that is set to release later this year, even the release of the movie poster excited fans. It is based off of the set of novels written by Stephen King, and the "Dark Tower" universe has ties to many of his other stories as well. While we, the constant reader, still await more tastes of footage for the movie, we have gotten hope that the TV Series is still going to happen. Comments from the producer, Ron Howard, point to the fact that they are still working on getting the series put together.

Ron Howard is also known for his work on "Mars", a miniseries about traveling to the planet.

The original plan for a 'Dark Tower' series

Originally it was thought that the production of a TV adaptation of the "Dark Tower" would be based on each of the seven books in the series. A movie with a supplementary TV series for each book was the setup people were originally expecting. This had many of Stephen King’s fans extremely excited.

Several of the previous Stephen King books that have been turned into movies leave out some key pieces, or just cannot capture the whole story of the book in a two-hour movie. This new method, with movies and series, would allow a lot more of the books’ contents to be portrayed.

Constant readers everywhere were given hope that their plan would let the story be told true to the original books.

Change of plans for the series

Plans change regularly, and this project was not an exception. The movie is now looking to be a continuation of the book series, instead of following the story, book by book. This gives the producer a little more wiggle room in how they present the story.

With this change in the movie's focus, many people assumed that the TV series was not going to happen.

However, it looks like they are still working on making it happen. They are talking about keeping some members of the movie’s cast, and writing a series based on the fourth book of the "Dark Tower" series. This book, "Wizard and Glass", focuses a lot on the history of Roland, and is seen as a prequel to the story of Roland’s journey to the Dark Tower.

When will the 'Dark Tower' hit your TV?

Well, just because the plan is still on the table does not mean that it will be out anytime soon. There are still some parts that have not been nailed down. Particularly, there is no commitment from any networks to make and broadcast a "Dark Tower" TV series. This could prove to be a major huddle, and the movie’s success still remains to be seen. If the movie is well received, we will expect much more support from television networks to get the TV series on the air. It has also been suggested that if the movie, and any subsequent TV series does well, we may be expecting more TV content based on the story of Roland and his search for the "Dark Tower".