Fans of “Powerless” will be forgiven for having to ask this question. NBC has not been great with its schedule for “Powerless” season 1. It’s a shame because the comedy program looked interesting, but regular changes in schedule have made it difficult for fans to follow the program. However, here’s all you need to know about the newest episode of the superhero parody.

There is a new episode of ‘Powerless’ tonight

First of all, the great news is that there will be a new episode of “Powerless” tonight. Emily and co. will get together and bring their one-liners to your screens.

Make sure you set your DVR to catch up later if you want. NBC expected fans to DVR to watch or stream later, so you will help to secure a second season if you do either one of these (preferably stream).

Tune in at the usual time of 8:30p.m. on NBC for the all-new episode. It is called “Emergency Punch-Up” and focuses on Emily and her team of misfits as they get trapped in the office when attempting to get away from the company retreat. While there, they face a poisonous gas that forces them to tell the truth. Will the team come together to save one of their own?

This isn’t a new episode for Canada

For those in Canada, the episode name and synopsis will sound familiar. Two weeks ago, this episode accidentally aired on Canadian TV instead of the expected episode “Emily v.

Van: Dawn of Justice.” This is just one example of how the show’s schedule has been messed with, making it hard for fans to follow the show and get into it.

It’s unclear whether the Canadian broadcasters will air the repeated episode or air the episode that should have aired two weeks ago. This will likely depend on the broadcaster and the agreement with the American network.

You will want to check your own guides and networks to make sure that it will be an all-new episode of “Powerless” tonight.

There isn’t long left for all-new episodes of “Powerless.” The show will wrap up with episode 11, which will air in three weeks time.

Unlikely renewal for ‘Powerless’

Because of all the schedule changes, it’s clear that NBC doesn’t really rate its new superhero program.

The network has not given the show a chance to find its footing with the fans, knowing right away that it wasn’t going to be one that fans watched live religiously each week.

This is a show that is likely on the cancellation list for the season. However, NBC is still to confirm the future of the spoof. There is the possibility that the network will opt for a short midseason again next year in the hope of making right the mistakes made so far.