Kylie Jenner, 19, realized her dream of having her Reality Show. "Life of Kylie" premieres this summer on E!. The fans will be able to see their favorite star in different roles: model, businesswoman, and social media star. Her Private Life will also be an important part of this show. Kylie will share her friendships, family relations, and love life. The brunette beauty has long wanted to have her reality show, to be different from the rest of the family. The teen star has as an idol her half-sister Kim Kardashian, 36, whom every day is more like her.

Why should we watch 'Life of Kylie?

The teen star is a successful businesswoman who has been able to understand what girls of the same age want. The products of her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, are sold quickly because all teenagers want to have them. Another interesting aspect of Kylie's life is her impressive physical transformation which includes face, body, and style. We can see that now she has bigger lips than a few years ago, different eyebrows and prominent cheekbones.Her body also looks very different too, has bigger breast, smaller waist and looks more curvaceous.


Very few girls in the world manage to make the fortune that Kylie did, to be a social media superstar and a style icon at such a young age as she, who is only 19 years old.

The model has an estimated net worth of $20 million; a figure was often taken by Hollywood actresses or top athletes. However, it must bear in mind that Kylie has the advantage of belonging to a famous family, which helped her to get excellent advertising contracts. Although her beauty and charisma are obvious, if she belonged to an anonymous family, everything would have been much harder to her.

'Life of Kylie' will feature eight one-hour episodes and will focus on the two last years of the teen star. Tyga, her ex-boyfriend, will be at the show too since they get along very well despite being separated. Kylie is currently single and wants to focus on her work and friends. Maybe Kylie's ultimate aspiration is to be like Kim, her favorite sister, whom she admires since she was a little girl.

She thinks Kim is a complete superstar because she is successful in many ways: fashion, television, social media and mobile apps. Besides, a professional career like that can last for many years.

Kylie hopes her reality show sets her apart from her family, be herself and prove that she doesn't need anyone to be famous.