Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi” has been the center of speculations for the past week. Among the highly talked about topic is the inclusion of award-winning actor Benecio Del Toro in the cast of one of the longest running sci-fi franchise.

There were several reports claiming to have information on the actor’s role in the upcoming movie. Reportedly, his character goes by the name D.J., which is not yet confirmed whether just an initial or a codename that the production team uses.

Previous leaks

In the previous reports, Del Toro’s character was pointed to the Man in Black.

This stemmed from the fact that he wears all black garments. He sports a trench coat similar to that of the clothing of Anakin Skywalker in the Revenge of the Sith. Aside from that, he has a belt similar to that of Hans Solo to hold his blaster. In addition, he has an out of place cap, which connotes that he belongs to a different period of time.

DJ’s character is described as short haired with an overall dirty appearance. It is also worth noting that in the previous leaks reported, the character was suggested to be one of the prisoners in Canto Bight. He is one of the highly guarded inmates that guards would not want to escape. Moreover, he is alleged to own a ship that is more sophisticated than the Millennium Falcon.

Apart from those leaked information, speculations are rife that Del Toro’s role in the movie will be very significant. Allegedly, he will have a great participation in the Resistance’s efforts to take down the First Order in the eighth installment of the franchise. Reportedly, Finn will work with another character portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran to break Del Toro’s character out of Canto Bight prison in “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi.”

Dark Jedi

Several theorists have speculated that the initials DJ is an acronym that stands for Dark Jedi.

In the lore, the term Dark Jedi is used to describe a person who uses the other side of the Force-the dark side. Most often, they are perceived as fallen Jedi or those who wanted to practice the dark. These also refer to individuals who had no proper training but still chose to serve the dark side.

As a Dark Jedi, the award-winning actor’s role is a significant element for the Resistance, which explains why they would retrieve him from the prison.

The resemblance of his clothing to that of Anakin Skywalker also signifies another link that he has the same background as him. Perhaps, they even have the same fate.

If the leaks and speculations are accurate, then, the character will be the first one to be introduced as such in “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi.” Having this kind of character in the upcoming movie will expand the complexity of the Force.