"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2" has been released in several regions. So, it is understandable that spoilers are flooding the web right now. For those who have not yet seen the movie and who do not like to spoil it, the next paragraph will be a series of spoilers.


Stakar Ogord has a brief appearance in the film as reprised by Sylvester Stallone. His name in the comics version is Starhawk with a complicated backstory. He is one of Yondu's teammates and an original part of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" in the comics. Of course, the star of all cameos is present again in this film.

Stan Lee was present as one of the astronauts talking to the Watchers. Another brief appearance is that of Howard, the Duck who was seen having a drink with an alien. Cosmo was also seen in the credits but never in the film.

Who Dies?

In the movie, Yondu and Rocket have the most of the Ravagers killed in a what turned out to be a violent but bloodless scene. Another character from the classic comics version is also in the movie, the traitor Taserface. He killed many Ravagers who are loyal to Yondu. There are deaths in the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" that are vital in the overall story. It was revealed that Ego, hopes to live forever, thereby going to other planets to live. The team, however, successfully kills him with a lot of effort.

Aside from Ego, the sequel is probably the first film to kill a famous character. In one of the scenes, Star-Lord separated from the group and fully embraces his destiny. He was, however, saved by Yondu in the last minute. As a portrayal of love, Yondu offered his oxygen suit to Star-Lord, laying down his life and saving his son.

Post-Credits Explained

Many post credit scenes are worth noting. While the majority of them are joking scenes, two of them stood out significant. The Sovereign are gearing up a new warrior to destroy the Guardians after several attempts to kill them. The Sovereign Priestess Ayesha called him Adam, which significantly reaffirms the appearance of Adam Warlock in the future.

This character is one of the most powerful cosmic beings in Marvel.

In the end credits scene, Stan Lee reappeared asking the group of entities if they will send him home. The entities did not respond but simply walked away. He was then heard saying that he has seen many things on earth, as his final attempt to get their attention. For years, talks about Stan Lee taking the role of Uatu the Watcher has been rife in the MCU. His post-credit scene spells out what fans will have to look forward to in the movie that will succeed "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2."