Corinne Olympios tried to find love on The Bachelor with Nick Viall, but things didn't work out for them. Instead, Nick is now engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi. Now Rumors Are Flying that Corinne might be lying about dating someone new so she can stay off of the show "Bachelor in Paradise." Everyone knows that they want her on the show. Hollywood Life is revealing what Corinne recently said that has everyone wondering what is really going on with her.

Corinne talks about the new man in her life but doesn't reveal much

Corinne sat down in a Facebook Live with ET to talk about how things are now and give an update on her relationship.

She explained about how things are going with her and the man in her life, but also made it sound like he isn't real. Corinne revealed, "OK, so, this mystery man of mine. He’s going to remain a mystery, because… it’s so complicated." She did go on to admit that they have talked about her doing the show, but she just doesn't know. Then Corinne said, "With him, with Paradise, I don’t really even know what’s going on with any of it. Nothing’s set in stone on either end.”

After that, Corinne went on to say that basically, her mystery man might not even be around anymore. It sounds like she might not even be with him, but who knows if she ever was with him. She didn't share about who he is, just that there was someone in her life.

A few fans had speculated that she could be dating Chad Johnson, but nobody ever knew that for sure. She even admitted that she would just talk about a man to fool people. He might have never existed, and the crazy thing is the fans will probably never know. Now if Corinne shows up on "Bachelor in Paradise," they will at least know that she is single.

When Corrine Olympios shared that she was dating someone, she said it was someone she had known for a while. She didn't give fans details like they want, though. She is still not telling them anything at all, so everyone is just going to have to be confused.

There has been a lot of talk about who could end up on "Bachelor in Paradise" this next season.

The cast hasn't been announced yet, but filming will start after Rachel is done filming her season of "The Bachelorette." That means that some of the guys from her show will probably end up on there as well.

Do you think that Corinne Olympios might be faking her relationship to stay off the show? Do you feel like she will end up on "Bachelor in Paradise"? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" when it starts airing this summer.