"General Hospital" spoilers have been talking a lot about what is going to happen with Jake (Hudson West) and his memories from his time on Cassadine Island. This entire storyline is a rewrite from years ago. Initially, Jake was killed by an intoxicated Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and his kidney was donated to save Josslyn's (Eden McCoy) life. When it was revealed that Jake was alive and Helena (Constance Towers) kept him captive, long-time fans weren't too pleased.

Jake wants Franco

At this point, it is clear that Jake wants to deal with Franco (Roger Howarth) only.

"General Hospital" spoilers from Soap Hub indicate he will be making that clear to his parents this week. Andre (Anthony Montgomery) is good enough but not someone he is comfortable sharing anything with. The idea that the witch and scarecrow were friends has fans believing that Jason (Billy Miller) is the person Jake sees as the scarecrow.

The idea that Jason is so stuck on his hatred for Franco that he is willing to let the connection between him and Jake be compromised is upsetting to some. Jake is clearly a disturbed little boy who is trying to tell a story but is only comfortable with letting Franco in on what he knows. All of this works into the beginning when he was brought back to Port Charles and was acting out.

"General Hospital" spoilers are alluding to the fact that he was scared of Jason. This makes partial sense, but still doesn't explain how he has warmed up to him.

Paternity questioned

There has been a lot of talk among "General Hospital" fans questioning whether or not Jake was actually who he is supposed to be and whether or not Jason is actually his father.

There were questions in the beginning about who fathered him, and Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) raised him. Could some of these be issues that are going to be raised during whatever it is Jake is going through? "General Hospital" spoilers haven't given much info about the outcome of what Jake knows, and that is puzzling to fans.

With May sweeps on the way, "General Hospital" fans are expecting some big movements on the show.

Will Jake reveal what happened to him while under the care of the twisted Helena Cassadine? Will Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason find out he isn't really their son? There are so many possibilities for this storyline. The fans are hoping the writers have a purpose with this Jake story and won't disappoint with a less than stellar reveal.