President Donald Trump founded his own fashion Agency Trump Models in 1999. Business Insider has released information about two models that worked for the agency who have commented on the general management of the agency, the experience with clients, and the model's own experiences as young immigrants in America.

The models stated they had to lie about what they are visiting The United States for so they can avoid check-ins at the border since there was no official approval. One of the models said she is ashamed that her name has ever been associated with the Trump Models agency.

The fact that the models were poorly paid and huddled in small apartments gives some insight into the modeling industry, something that applies to domestic and foreign models. One of the models wanted to remain anonymous in the interview because she feared the consequences, while another said that she is trying to get a work visa to stay in America.

The agency has hired more than a hundred women. The website states that the agency is an 'idea and a vision of the owner, Donald Trump'. Last May, Mother Jones reported that Trump had a nearly 2 million dollar profit from the agency.

Arrival in America without a visa

One of the previously mentioned models said that she was 17 years old when she began to work for a Dutch modeling agency.

She later went to New York in cooperation with Trump Models.

Along with two other girls from the same agency, she was planning to spend just three weeks in America – they all traveled without a work visa. These models have somewhat violated immigration laws because when living and receiving wages in America one must have a work visa.

The girls said that Trump's agency is usually like all the other agencies – a lot of work dealing with client's demands. One model told the story about the way she ended up working for the agency. The agency pays for the first flight and then finds you a good paying job so you can pay them back for the ticket. After that you pay your own expenses.

Americans first?

''A lot of young girls who come to America illegally are exploited, since they earn very little, considering that they have to pay residence too," said one of the models.

Trump's agency has been under the watchful eye of suspicion on fraud with visas. In addition, one of the Trump's campaign policies was to increase regulation of immigrants in order that Americans could be getting jobs first, which is a contradiction of the business policy of the Trump agency.

Former model Rachel Blais tells Business Insider that Trump's agency is the meanest agency she had ever worked for and that she wants to fight against such injustice.

''I'm ashamed to say out loud that I've ever worked for the agency Trump Models '' Blais said.