The writers at "General Hospital" have given fans a mystery to solve. However, what viewers didn't expect was that they would also see somewhat of a horrifying scene between a Father And Son. At the beginning of Thursday's episode, Jason and Jake were seen spending some time together, but then it suddenly turned into a nightmare for most people watching it unfold.

The Nightmare

The scene that got everyone up in arms was when Jason had his son in a choke hold and started squeezing even tighter as the little boy was telling his dad that he was hurting him.

Thankfully, it was only a nightmare that Jason Morgan was having at the time, but it upset "General Hospital" fans to the core. They were pretty vocal about it on social media as well.

The mystery behind Jake's time on Cassadine Island is unfolding right now, and it also involves Jason. The reason that he had the nightmare in the first place was that Jake admitted that he was scared of the old Jason Morgan, not the dad that he knows right now. Jason is afraid that he did something terribly bad to his son and that has his subconscious mind reeling.

Getting to the bottom of it

All will eventually be revealed, but until then, Jason, Sam, Elizabeth, and Franco are expected to pull together for Jake's sake.

No one knows what kind of horror that he went through on the island. It is especially frightening to think that Jason could have hurt Jake in any way. Fans are not happy that this scene was shown at all.

It could very well be that Helena Cassadine just puts the horror of his daddy into his mind because after all, she is the expert in mind control.

She may have decided to torture both father and son. That would be a cruel thing to do. Would Helena do that?

Fans are fed up

"General Hospital" viewers may have had enough of the violence by now. There were many unhappy viewers when the writers chose to have Julian Jerome put a knife to his wife's throat almost killing her.

They were a fan-favorite couple, and it was hard to watch that.

Now with that dream of Jason having Jake in a choke hold like that, social media went completely crazy with criticism of the writers. They have had enough of the violence, especially when it involves a child. It does play into how Jason is feeling about his son being scared of his old self, but they may have gone too far in this whole scenario.

How do you feel about that scene? Did the writers at "General Hospital" go too far this time? Was it necessary to show that to have it tie into this story line?