The feud between vin diesel and Dwayne Johnson is not a publicity stunt. Although their movie “Fate of the Furious” is breaking records, the relationship of the two alpha-male seems to be taking an ugly turn.

Recently, Vin Diesel was reported to have challenged Johnson to a fist fight. “I would flex on The Rock,” the 50-year-old American actor said to Tyron Woodley during the Hollywood premiere of “Guardians of the Galaxy” volume 2.

This comes after the UFC fighter said hypothetically that he will pick Johnson for a fight. “Vin Diesel yelled at me yesterday at the party because I said in a fight versus him and The Rock, I gave it to The Rock,’ Woodley said.

How did the“Fate of the Furious” feud start?

When Johnson announced his final week of shooting, he called out the Instagram behaviors of some of his male co-stars. “Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don’t,” The Rock wrote.

The next day, news broke that Dwayne Johnson was talking about Vin Diesel. The tension was running so high on the set that it was impossible to shoot scenes according to some sources.

There are two conflicting reports about the behavior of the two alpha males of the Fate of the Furious.

According to People, Vin Diesel has been having problems with Dwayne Johnson because he keeps on showing up late for the production. However, Page Six reports that it Vin is the tardy one.

“Vin has a reputation for being difficult — he shows up late, keeps people waiting, holds up production and is disrespectful to people on the set,” the website’s source said.

At the movie’s premiere, Diesel said that they still love each other and Johnson helped him made a difficult decision. Meanwhile, The Rock also shed light on how people have different philosophies and how to do things, saying that the most important thing is the movie.

“Fast and Furious 8” tops US box office

The eight franchise movie series continues to lead in terms of box office results not only in the United States but also across 65 territories in the world. The Universal Studio film is said to be closing in on a billion dollars just after two weekends since its premiere. The “Fate of the Furious” also received strong support in China and is expected to get the same in Japan as it debuts on April 28.