Some reports say "Flip or Flop" on hgtv has been canceled, and some reports say the popular house flipping series hosted by Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa will still air. The reason for the confusion might be because the series just wrapped up Season 6 on Thursday, March 30, and Season 7 will return later this year. In interviews, both hosts said their popular series would continue after their divorce.

On the other hand, some sources say Season 7 will be the last. Hints are going on that plans are in place for another season after that.

However, HGTV has not confirmed or denied that information.

HGTV still involved

Parts of Season 7 were filmed before the hosts' divorce. Weather future seasons of "Flip or Flop" will be aired or not, the network is not finished with the franchise. In fact, HGTV has ordered five spin-offs of the series where each spin-off will be set in a different city. More news is that Christina El Moussa has been shopping around for her own show that will focus on interior design rather than on flipping houses.

Based on all this information, fans of the show should not be discouraged. They will still be able to see interesting things that they have been accustomed to seeing. However, the series will be in a different format.

Viewers will be able to get creative ideas from the five spin-offs that will be televised on the same network. Then, when Christina has an interior design show in place, viewers will be able to watch that also.

What TV Guide says

TV Guide says the show is reportedly "dead." There is no additional information available from the television listing source concerning Season 8.

However, the five spins-offs are confirmed by the magazine. Then, there is the possibility of Christina hosting an interior design show that may or may not be on HGTV. So, where does this leave fans of the "Flip or Flop" franchise? It is suggested that viewers should enjoy the upcoming Season 7 that is certain to air, and stay tuned for a comment from HGTV about Season 8. In the meantime, look forward to the five spin-offs.