Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill kicked off their highly-anticipated Soul2Soul Tour, version 3, for 2017, in New Orleans Friday night, April 7. New Orleans has a population that pushes half a million and is known around the world for its famous cuisine of spicy flavor and passion for music, but Tim and Faith made their debut seem like a hometown get-together both backstage and on stage.

Couples’ night

Beyond the music, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are a testament to love, faithfulness, and family that inspires many, even celebrity couples themselves. It's not surprising that one of the Crescent City’s most beloved citizens, quarterback Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, was backstage with the talented couple, along with his wife Brittany.

T-shirts emblazoned with “Breesus” were common when the athlete and his family made New Orleans home, and like the McGraw’s, the Brees family have kept their focus on the treasure of time together over media hype. Drew savored celebrating his Super Bowl victory and play.

Actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves, shared their excitement via Instagram.

Hits and happy news

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have enough hits to fill a marathon run onstage if they choose, and along with fan favorites like “This Kiss” from Faith, and Tim’s song that became a mantra and a movement, “Humble and Kind,” the couple treated those in attendance to “Speak to a Girl” and “Telluride” from their upcoming duets project.

The delight didn't end with the songs, especially for a couple in the audience, who wrote a request on a sign for Tim and Faith to open an envelope revealing the gender of their unborn baby. “Oh, my gosh, I knew it,” Faith Hill obliged. “It's a boy!” That’s a memory that will endure for the couple onstage as much as for the parents in the audience, who may be considering “Tim” as a name for their little son.

At any rate, this memory makes a memorable start to this Soul2Soul trek for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, whose next additions to the family could be grandchildren one day soon, and it certainly creates a forever cherished and unique entry in the baby book for the young family receiving the news. Anyone seeing shows on this tour will have something special to remember, and this may not be the only "breaking news" that the royal couple of country shares from the stage.