Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill have reigned as the royal and very real couple of country music since their love sparked on the Spontaneous Combustion tour in 1996. Faith’s reply to Tim’s proposal written in lipstick on the tour bus mirror was the beginning of a musical journey and the making of a marriage and a family that has endured over two decades. The two didn't take home the trophies at this year’s 2017 Academy of Country Music awards, but they still stole the night, and the heart of anyone with eyes and ears, when they sang their new duet, “Speak to a Girl.” The night marked twenty years since Tim McGraw and Faith Hill first sang at the ACM awards, their duets have become legendary.

“Speak to a Girl” pays tribute to family, respect, and enduring love, beyond the passion of many of their “greats” list, and the pure joy of their affection after the last note of the song will linger in countless memories forever.

A big and busy year

Faith Hill leaped into her husband’s arms following the close of the passionate new song, and she showed that she still has the pipes for the soaring notes. Tim lifted his wife high off the floor as her heels went, and the pair kissed. The couple has been drenched in a vigorous rehearsal schedule for their third installment of their Soul2Soul Tour, a seven-month venture that kicks off in New Orleans this Friday, April 7.

The treat of this ACM performance is just a morsel of the history that promises to be presented on stage with the tour, and more music together and from both artists is a promise, too.

Just around the night Tim took home the Grammy for Best Country Song for “Humble and Kind,” a new deal with Sony Music was announced, so the studio and the stage will keep Tim and Faith busy for a good while to come.

Passion to pure and simple values

A look at the catalog of songs between Tim McGraw and Faith Hill mirrors the passion still draws them literally “soul to soul,” and their commitment to family, faith, and real life.

“Speak to a Girl” stands well as a testament to lasting love, as well as it does as advice to any youthful heart diving into romance and hoping to discern a “sure thing.”

Their duet “It’s Your Love” dominated screens and the 1997 song charts in its pledge to eternal devotion, stunningly captured by the expecting Faith in the lavish video.

“Let’s Make Love” still smolders in sensuality through its black-and-white strolls through Paris in the 1999 gem. Their voices joined to convey the heart-wrenching hurt of love spurned in “Like We Never Loved at All” and “Angry All the Time.” “Shotgun Rider” summons up the spirits of Johnny Cash and June Carter, and their last collaboration on “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” calls up every image of basic country life, and looking back on a life well-lived.

Will “Speak to a Girl” talk and sing its way to be the most lasting Tim and Faith duet? Only time will tell, and a whole album together is still to come.