On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Eric Forrester asked his son Ridge a question he has posed to him constantly during the past two weeks. He wanted to know why Ridge and Brooke Logan were no longer going to be married. And yet again Ridge could not give an answer. The reason for his hesitation is as complicated as the relationship between the two men has become over the decades.

Eric and Ridge Forrester are living proof that the sins of the father are visited upon the children. In this case it's actually the sins of the mother.

Ridge was raised along with 4 siblings as the children of Eric and his wife Stephanie. Ridge found his place in the family business and was considered the heir apparent to the "Forrester Creations" dynasty. Everything changed however in 2001, when Eric found out Ridge was not his biological son.

The revelation that complicated everything

Eric's world went spinning when he found out that his wife Stephanie's adultery had cost him the child he loved and raised. The knowledge that Ridge was not his own flesh and blood cut deep. The two men eventually came to terms with the issue, but something between them changed. Each one began crossing lines with the other, that normally would not be breached by most fathers and sons.

These men continue to love each other, but make bad choices that pit them against each other. Stephanie's sin of adultery seems to be sticking with her family, even though she is dead and gone.

When Ridge first dated Brooke Logan, they broke up because he was still in love with Caroline. Eric then began dating his son's ex.

This was wrong for so many reasons, but Eric eventually married his son's former lover. This move set the pace for all that has come since. Ridge and Brooke found their way back to each other's arms, and began having an affair. This eventually ended the marriage between Brook and Eric.

The tangle web that is woven around Ridge

Ridge was branded as the man who stole his father's wife, but Brooke truthfully was his love first. Ridge then began going back and forth between Brooke and Taylor for decades. His children Stephanie and Thomas came from the marriage to Taylor. Brooke had a son Rick during her marriage to Eric. This makes Ridge Rick's step brother, and also his stepdad when he is married to Brooke. Therefore, Brooke has been both Ridges wife and also his stepmother. At one point, Ridge was married to Brookes sister Katy, which made his former wife his sister and law. And technically he then was Rick's uncle through marriage.

Most recently Brooke and Ridge were engaged to be married yet again.

She broke it off when the day before the wedding, she saw her fiance kissing Quinn, who is married to Eric. Once more Ridge has feelings for a step mother, and is positioned to break the heart of the man who raised him. He and Quinn have not done anything more than kiss, but "Bold and Beautiful" viewers realize it is only a matter of time before they consummate their passion. This is the reason Ridge cannot give Eric an honest answer, as to why he and Brooke will not be getting married.

When the truth comes out Eric will be devastated because his son has betrayed him, yet again. Eric may not have to wait long however, for love to come his way. Katy, Brooke's sister seems to be waiting in the shadows as the drama unfolds..

Should she date and later marry Eric or will this complicate this complex situation even more. Ridge will now have been a husband, brother in law, and step son to both Logan sisters. And the tangled web will continue.