"La La Land" may not have taken home the Oscar for best picture as predicted but it did earn other Academy Awards. Actress Emma Stone was wreathed in glory for her performance, including gush-worthy dancing and singing. Stone's "It Girl" vintage couture inspired many red carpet designs. Stone's amazing figure and weight loss were commented upon as well. How did "The Help" star pull off such a stunning coup?

Emma Stone is newest 'It Girl'

Hollywood found its latest "It Girl" in Emma Stone after her remarkable performance in "La La Land" with Ryan Gosling.

Like her predecessors, from Mary Pickford to Audrey Hepburn to Marlo Thomas, Stone is attractive in her fresh-faced charm. It had a bit to do with her glorious array of eye-candy costumes which stun by their innocent breeziness, but there's more to it than pretty dresses. Unlike Khloe or Kim Kardashian, Stone exudes sex appeal without being overtly sexual. It's that je ne sais quoi that sets Stone apart and which earned her acclaim at the Oscars.

Emma Stone looks old Hollywood after weight loss

Not that Stone needed to lose weight -- her very slender face now seems too small to contain her luminous eyes and dazzling smile. Suggestions of anorexia have been made, "The Help" star looks that thin.

Emma appears to possess one of those naturally svelte figures, and she certainly was strong enough to execute the intensive dancing that was the backbone of "La La Land." As celebrities have said of "Dancing With the Stars," ballroom kicks your butt. Beyonce has kept famously fit with dance. "DWTS" Amber Rose said she lost weight from the rigorous routines.

Alongside Ryan Gosling's Sebastian, Stone's character Mia had numerous ballroom numbers.

How Emma Stone rocked iconic style

The term "It Girl" came into vogue in the 1920s. It described a young woman who possessed beauty but also grace and charm. These women were often dancers, interestingly. They were always stylish beyond their time.

Events like New York Fashion Week seek to find the newest "It" trends. Based on the trending looks on the Oscars red carpet, New York Fashion Week need have looked no further than "La La Land" and costumier Mary Zophres. Celebrities Blake Lively, Mandy Moore, Oscar-nominee Viola Davis of "Fences," Victoria Beckham, Salma Hayek, and Sarah Jessica Parker covered Mia's look at various red carpet events.