The role of the Baby in 'Dirty Dancing' 2017 went to Abigail Breslin, Colt Prattes plays Johnny and Debra Messing plays the mother Marjorie Houseman. The film will also feature Bruce Greenwood and Billy Dee Williams.

Abigail published a photograph on her Instagram profile which shows her and Colt reviving the cult dance scene, which was originally performed by Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze. The movie also captured all other iconic moments from the original, is special and everyone will surely enjoy it.

'Dirty dancing' is much more than a romantic movie

In her interview for BBC, Bergstein pointed out that "„Dirty dancing“ characters are unique. She wants to explore the depth of their relationship because what is special and modern movies rarely manage, is to make us fall in love with characters like we did with Baby and Johnny.

Bergstein also emphasized the important message of the film "Dirty Dancing" which remains unnoticed so far. Although many experienced it as a sweet, romantic movie without a deeper meaning, Bergstein says she is proud of the fact that illegal abortion is actually the thing that gives force to all actions of the movie.

All these things are current again. All the battles we thought were won, are back to be fought all over again.

"Dirty Dancing" is a reminder of how important it is for women to be entitled to having an abortion in safe conditions.

Baby is a human rights advocate

In the new film, Baby joins protests for women's rights and the rights of black Americans. Protests across America motivated the producer to incorporate them into the movie plot.

She says that she was deeply inspired by the fact that everyone instinctively came out on the streets ready to fight for their rights.

Debra Messing confirmed for ABC News that the remake of the cult film differs from the 1987 classic. She also revealed that the original movie actually inspired her to become an actress. As a child, Debra watched the movie in the cinema and for the first time in her life thought that some actresses are simply perfect.

It was the turning point where she knew she would become an actress. She said that this movie is also a tribute to Patrick Swayze who died of pancreatic cancer in 2009. The premiere is scheduled on ABC May 24th.

In any case, fans will enjoy this remake of the popular movie. It will be very interesting to see our favorite movie with all these new characters that will surely make it look absolutely stunning.