Eminem has never been afraid when he is laid a lyric on the line. He has targeted family members, friends, whole structures of society - nothing is off limits. Still, there was some shock factor when the Detroit rapper became super political while working a feature for the latest Big Sean album, "I Decided," which was released on Friday.

Analyzing the verse

The verse appears on the song "No Favors," which features the Detroit rappers working jointly. There are lines throughout the verse Eminem lays that can be construed as political. "State of emergency, the planets having panic attacks" is one that comes to mind.

He raps about how much he despises political commentator Ann Coulter and lobs a simple shot at Donald Trump, calling him a b****.

It's not hard to discern what Eminem is saying in the verse. The country is scared of the rampantly dangerous rhetoric involved in every decision Trump makes, while people just generally don't like Coulter because of her bigoted opinions. Big Sean himself goes on to throw some shots at Trump and the political machine, proving there is strength in numbers.

Eminem and politics

This is not the first time Eminem has dived into the political fire so many rappers find themselves intrinsically entrenched in. Prior to the election, he released a song called "Campaign Speech." The eight minute track has no real tune to it and no hook.

Instead, the rapper just rambles on about his issues with Trump, Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman, and various celebrities.

Eminem has had a long and strange relationship with the political machine. At the beginning of the century, a politician in Australia tried to ban the rapper from his country due to his homophobic lyrics.

Meanwhile, people use his hit song from the "8 Mile" soundtrack, "Lose Yourself," as pump up songs at rallies and sporting events. The Detroit rapper is one of the most polarizing figures in the music industry; his appearance on the Big Sean album is simply adding fuel to the flames.