"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that the character of Jade will have a big decision to make, and it could cause some major trouble in the Johnson family. That's right. Jade will be involved in a love triangle with her longtime love, Joey Johnson, and his newly found half-brother, Tripp. Jade, who has been a troubled character since her first day in Salem, will seemingly cause even more chaos for Joey, and it could lead to a huge family war between Steve's two sons. According to Soap Hub, Joey has made it more than clear that he's not interested in continuing a relationship with Jade.

The two have been through a lot together, but Joey seems ready to move on in the romance department. Cue Tripp. If Jade can't find a way to keep Joey by her side she may move on to the next best thing, his own brother.

Joey, Jade, Tripp love triangle coming?

Of course, if Jade were to turn her sights to Joey's half-brother, Tripp, it certainly wouldn't be the first time that one of Salem's own flipped the script and entered a love triangle with two brothers. In fact, "Days of Our Lives" fans have seen Alison Sweeney's character, Sami Brady, was in a love triangle with Austin Reed and his brother Lucas Roberts for years – and so was her sister, Carrie Brady. The two girls battled over the same men until Carrie and Austin finally got married and moved out of town and Sami met the love of her life, EJ DiMera.

Johnson family war in the works?

However, fans seemingly don't want to see Jade end up with either of the Johnson brothers. A recent poll reveals that nearly 70% of fans don't want Jade with Joey or Tripp, while 27% of viewers think Jade should take a chance and try to catch Tripp's eye. Since we're talking about "Days of Our Lives," chances are Jade and Tripp will have a romance in the future, and even though Joey says he's done with his ex-girlfriend, jealousy and sibling rivalry are bound to rear their ugly heads.

The love triangle drama, added to the fact that Jade knows Joey killed Tripp's biological mother, Ava Vitalli, is sure to cause some major stress and issues for the entire Johnson clan.

Will Jade keep Joey's secret?

Will Jade tell Tripp the secret that Joey's been struggling to hide, or will she stay loyal to the man who has been by her side through so many ups and downs? Only time will tell how the situation will play out. Watch "Days of Our Lives" weekday afternoons on NBC to find out what happens.