In recent years, Hollywood filmmakers have started paying more attention to pre-sequels, reboots, and sequels. Every popular movie seems to get a sequel or reboot. Some sequels achieve more success than the original movies, while the others remain unnoticed. With so many sequels and reboots in the works, we can easily assume that they will be a smashing success.

1 - 'Toy Story 4'

Toy Story 4” is scheduled to be released in December 2017. Pixar confirms that it is developing “Toy Story 4,” and “Incredibles 2.” The two movies are likely to hit a theater near you on the same day, but nothing is confirmed.

New York Time reports that “Toy Story 4” is in the process of rewrites. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts and Laurie Metcalf reprise their roles from the previous films.

2 - 'Evil Dead II'

Evil Dead II” is an American horror film directed by Sam Raimi. There are rumors that the sequel to “The Evil Dead” is in post-production, but the filmmaker Robert Tapert has not given a date. In 1981, “The Evil Dead” did very good business at the box office, so fans have high expectations with its sequel. The movie is written by Scott Spiegel, and Bruce Campbell plays the lead role. Like the original, “Evil Dead II” begins with a simple recap of the horrible events. Ash Williams and his girlfriend, Linda, are on their honeymoon but things suddenly change as they come across some weird creatures.

In 2015, a television series, “Ash vs Evil Dead”, depicted the same story.

3 - 'Before Sunset'

Before Sunset” is an anticipated romantic film, and the sequel to “Before Sunrise.” Like its predecessor, Richard Linklater is directing the film. He has recruited Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, and Kim Krizan to play the lead roles. The movie is about a young man (Hawke) who falls in love with a French woman (Delpy).

He wants to marry her, but the lady is not interested as she is passionate about her career. “Before Sunset” received broad critical acclaim, so we hope that the sequel will do magnificent business at the box office.

4 - 'Batman Returns'

Batman Returns” is a superhero movie directed and produced by Tim Burton. The story is based on the DC Comics character Batman.

Warner Bros. confirms the release of the movie this winter. It is the second installment of “Batman,” with Michael Keaton reprising his role from the original film. There are rumors that Daniel Waters has replaced Harvey Dent, but nothing is confirmed. “Batman” was made with a budget of $80 million, and grossed over $260 million worldwide. “Batman Returns” is being developed with a budget of $120 million, and we expect that it will gross more than the original.