Famous American actor Alec Baldwin has recently re-entered the spotlight as the most famous Donald Trump impersonator. He has also starred in TV shows such as "30 Rock."

Baldwin has recently published his memoir, titled "Nevertheless," in which he told his life story and made some surprising and very honest revelations. Among other things, he shared how he feels about famous actors such as Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, and Julia Roberts.

Did not know Nikki Reed was underage

The 59-year-old actor shared that he did not know that actress Nikki Reed, who co-starred alongside him in the movie "Mini's First Time," was underage.

Reed was only 16 at the time of the shoot, while Baldwin was 47. The controversy arises from the fact that the two filmed sex scenes. According to Baldwin, this information was kept from him. In his memoir, he writes that he "flipped out on the producers, who had told me something different."

Baldwin's allegation angered the producer of the film, Dana Brunetti. He said that Baldwin was aware of Reed's age and that nothing was hidden from him. He also added that the incident in which Baldwin berated the producers over the actress' age never happened. "Of course he totally knew how old she was. That’s why there’s no nudity in the movie. He knew before we even cast the movie. I think he’s been method acting Trump too much and he doesn’t know the difference between fake news anymore," Brunetti said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter.

Loves Tina Fey, Hates Harrison Ford

In "Nevertheless," Baldwin also shared his love for actress Tina Fey, whom he met on the set of "Saturday Night Live." He also had only words of praise for Matt Damon, whom he described as someone who has "warmth and humanity". During the span of his career, he also worked with Julia Roberts on the movie "Notting Hill".

Even though he was on set for only one day, he loved it because he "got to breathe the same air as the remarkable Julia Roberts."

Harrison Ford, however, is not high on his list of favorite people. Baldwin tells the story of how Harrison Ford secretly negotiated a deal to replace him in the "Hunt for Red October" sequel. When Ford was asked by the movie director whether backstabbing Baldwin bothered him, he replied: "F--- him." In his memoir, Baldwin wrote that Ford was playing a different game and that he needed a new franchise to keep the flame of his stardom burning bright. In addition, Ford earned tens of millions of dollars more for the sequel.