WWE has reportedly signed the Sister of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas this week, ramping up speculations of a potential debut of Sister Abigail on SmackDown Live.

Mika Rotonda, the real life sister of Bray Wyatt (Windham Lawrence Rotonda) and Bo Dallas (Taylor Michael Rotonda), inked a deal with WWE for a job in the production team. However, Wrestling Observer Newsletter also reported that speculations are also high about the promotion beginning to make moves for the much-awaited apparition of Wyatt's evil sister on WWE programming.

Debut still up in the air

WWE has been teasing Sister Abigail for the past couple of years. During the buildup heading into the championship match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 33, Abigail had been the subject of every intense promos involving the two superstars. There was even a significant buzz around a possible debut of Sister Abigail at the big PPV event, but no such mystery appearance happened that night at the Citrus Bowl Stadium.

Wrestling insider Dave Meltzer cleared that there's still a chance that certain character appearing in WWE. He added WWE chairman Vince McMahon has recently become a lot more interested in introducing the Sister Abigail gimmick on screen because of its massive story-line potential.

“There is more talk as of late about the introduction of a Sister Abigail character,” Meltzer said in his podcast. “It’s been talked about forever but apparently the talk has gotten more serious about doing it.

Rotonda open to join brothers in WWE

Mika Rotonda, who is rumored to play the Sister Abigail role, has never denied her interest in joining her brothers as a performer in WWE.

As a matter of fact, she tried out for WWE’s developmental ranks in 2015, though the result of her NXT venture was never made public. The transition from a production staff to a full-time wrestler might not be complicated for Rotonda since she has the proper body built for the craft. She also seems knowledgeable of the ins and outs of pro-wrestling business, coming from a family of professionals wrestlers.

Potential appearance

Despite losing to Orton at Wrestlemania, Wyatt will have another crack at the WWE World Heavyweight championship when they face off in the first ever House of Horror match. Wyatt promises to give Orton few ‘surprises’ once he steps into the ring with him in the main event of WWE Backlash on May 21. Perhaps, one of these might turn out to be Sister Abigail in her flesh.