The last couple of year have been rough on Josh Duggar but if it's up to his own parents, the former "19 Kids and Counting" star won't learn a single thing from all the scandal that has surrounded him. Not long after the world learned that he inappropriately touched a few girls when he was a teen, it was also revealed that he hadn't been faithful to his wife Anna either. It was during that big Ashley Madison dating service information leak that Josh Duggar was outed for having an account with them. He also reportedly had an OK! Cupid account and who knows where else he slummed for women who were not his wife.

After seeing how the Duggar parents dealt with Josh's previous issues, it's really not surprising that his parents aren't holding him accountable for the cheating scandal either and have, instead, planted the blame right on the shoulders of Josh's wife, Anna Duggar.

Jim Bob shares Michelle's Bible verses and lesson to support blaming Anna

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are popular on the marriage retreat circuit and often speak to church groups about marriage and relationships. It seems legit, the "19 Kids and Counting" couple has been together for decades and have successfully raised 19 kids together.

However, some of the information that has been shared at said marriage retreats is now being shared by others because, in all honesty, it's pretty shocking.

To make things even juicier, The Hollywood Gossip reported that it was Michelle Duggar who "came up with" the idea of sharing one of their latest lessons and in it, she seems to take aim at wives who fail to keep their husbands happy.

At a recent retreat, Jim Bob Duggar shared an anecdote that he credits to his wife, Michele.

He said, "Ladies, your husband can get his laundry done by other women, he can have his meal cooked by other women, he can have all kinds of things done for him by other women, but there’s only one woman who can meet that strong need he has that God put in him, and its you. Only you, lady."

Wives, submit to your husbands...

In the same lesson, Michelle Duggar reportedly took aim at feminism and indirectly, at her daughter-in-law, for failing to meet her husband's needs and therefore, causing him to look elsewhere to fill his desires.

She explained that "one of the greatest sins of women today" relates to women wanting body autonomy. Apparently, the idea that women are equal to men and not subservient is something that the Duggars don't subscribe to.

While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have reportedly backed the notion that wives should submit to their husbands, going so far as to say that their bodies aren't their own, they failed to mention the whole rest of that verse. You know, the part that tells husbands to submit to their wives too.

In any case, the whole lesson sounds a lot like victim blaming and in this instance, Anna Duggar is the victim. She didn't cheat on her husband. She didn't want Josh Duggar to cheat on her.

However, her in-laws are reportedly telling people during their marriage retreats that women should just do what their husbands want, even if they don't want to, because not being in the mood, just not having a sex drive or whatever reason that a woman would choose not to engage in sex with her husband just opens the door up for him to fulfill his urges elsewhere.