"What are you looking at you hockey puck? "You uncultured swine." Fans of "Toy Story," recall those words uttered by Mr. Potato head, who was voiced by funnyman Don Rickles, who died yesterday. Rickles was 90 years old, and the cause of death was listed as kidney failure. The veteran comic had completed work on "Toy Story 4," before passing away. he leaves behind a wife of 50 years, a daughter, and 2 grandchildren. A son preceded him in death in 2011.

A long career

Not many entertainers maintain their careers in later life. Don Rickles was an exception.

In his early career he ha a brand of humor that was often crude, and rude but was never lewd. He was often a guest on the tonight show, as well as roasts for Hollywood greats. Rickles had a unique sense of humor, and no one was off limits when he had the stage. In 1996 Rickles was part of the Disney/Pixar collaboration "Toy Story." He was the voice of Mr. Potato head and truly made the role his own. He was fortunate to reprise the popular role in Toy Story 1 2 and 3. In his memoir, Rickles says his grandchildren believe Mr. Potato head was his best character ever. Fans of the movies will be glad to know, that Don Rickles was able to become Mr. Potato head one last time, for Toy Story 4, which is due to be released on June 21st, 2019.

A Hollywood legend

Don Rickles came of age during the golden era of Hollywood, He associated with greats such a Frank Sinatra, Sammy David Jr., Johnny Carson and Lucille Ball. Celebrities counted it a privilege, to be insulted by funny man Rickles. One of his closest friends, Kirk Douglas, turned 100 in December. Rickles was on hand to help celebrate the occasion.

There are a number of famous people, who are relegated to a specific decade in time. And younger individuals only know of them from their past performances. Mr. Rickles ha the distinction of being a part of something that will be marketed, as long as the earth remains.The Toy Story franchise, includes the 4 movies, televised movie shorts, clothing, stuffed animals, ViHS tapes, DVD's, Blue Ray, continued reruns on television, and various sizes of replicas of all the characters.

The movies and the merchandise have continued to be popular now for 21 years. And will no doubt have a surge and continue in popularity after TS4 is released. To put it in the words of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Don Rickles, and Mr. Potato head both have names that will be known, through "infinity and beyond."