On Thursday and Friday's episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful," fans got to see a character that does not get much air time. Carter Walton, portrayed by Lawrence Saint-Victor, was on hand as the Forrester lawyer. Carter's adopted brother Marcus was also adopted by the Forrester family. Carter came to town in 2013, and was initially involved with Maya Avant.

Where Carter fits with the Forrester clan

Maya eventually declared her love for Rick Forrester, and Carter became occasional eye candy. When Marcus left LA., Carter became the legal council for the Forrester family.

He has performed weddings, annulments, and divorces for the rich and famous. Most times Carter can be found lifting weights and showing off his six-pack at the Forrester Creations gym. On rare occasions he shows off his skills as a legal eagle.

On Thursday and Friday, Mr. Walton was advising his family of sorts on a matter of corporate espionage. Sally Spectra allowed her grandmother Shirley, and business associate Saul to hide cameras in jewelry worn by her sister Coco. When Coco went to work at Forrester Creations, she unwittingly was spying for her family. The Spectra's copied designs and jewelry, made a few alterations, and showcased the items as their own at a Spectra Fashion show. Carter was called in to assess the situation, and give legal advice.

Carter has an idea

In the past, when Sally Spectra's aunt Sally stole designs from the Forresters, she basically got away with it. This is why Shirley emphasized to young Sally that Spectra's were knock-off artists. Sally came to town to showcase her own designs. Grandma convinced her that the only way the Spectra family could make it was to steal from the Forresters.

Shirley, remembering the old days, did not believe they could be prosecuted. She did not know the house of Forrester had a secret weapon in Mr. Walton.

Legal eagle Carter advised the Forresters that they could sue Sally Spectra for corporate espionage and grand larceny, as they had incurred millions of dollars in losses. Carter watched on Friday as Sally Spectra turned herself in.

it would be a shame if "The Bold and the Beautiful" put Saint-Victor on the back-burner again. He interacts so well with the rest of the cast. "B&B" should find Carter a love interest, and go from there. Having this talented man only show up to deliver legal papers is not the best use of his talent. Perhaps Caroline can come back to town to be his love interest.