Burt Reynolds sat down for a rare and informative interview with Katie Couric, revealing some of his biggest secrets, thoughts on his life, love, and film career, including his biggest lifetime regrets. Reynolds spoke openly and honestly without a filter. Like many men of his age, 81, Burt feels he has earned the right to tell it like it is.

Burt Reynolds on who he would like to see play the lead in a 'Smokey and the Bandit' reboot

When asked about his friendship with President of the United States, Donald Trump, Burt revealed that it is fading weekly.

He stated that he and Trump were great friends before the election and that he had great respect for him as a businessman. As for his thoughts on Trump as President, he feels President Trump has done a couple of "good things, and a couple of bad things.

When speaking on his long-running film career, Katie acknowledged that the 40th anniversary of "Smokey and the Bandit" is approaching. When asked who he would like to see play the Bandit today, Burt Reynolds, without hesitation, said George Clooney is his favorite actor, but that he felt Clooney would never do it.

The topic quickly moved on to Burt's regrets over the years, revealing that he turned down many huge roles, including the starring role in "Pretty Woman," Han Solo and James Bond.

Burt also regrets losing the love of his life, Sally Field, revealing that she was the complete package and that he "just screwed it up." This is not the first time over the years that Burt has mentioned regretting losing Sally Field. It is clear that she is the one woman that the former Hollywood sex-symbol truly loved and cared about.

Today, Burt shared that he has a girlfriend, and that she is not in the entertainment business, and added that he is far from lonely.

As for his past marriage to actress Loni Anderson, he stated that it was not real and that he knew instantly that he had to get out of that relationship. He also revealed that the two are not friendly at all these days.

Finally, Reynolds claims, had he not gone into acting he would have pursued a career as a football coach. As previously reported, Reynolds is currently promoting his latest film at the Tribeca Film Festival, "Dog Years." The film was written and directed by Adam Rifkin, and co-stars "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter, along with Chevy Chase and Nikki Blonsky.