Legendary actor Burt Reynolds' health issues are sparking some major concern for the family and closest friends of the 80-year-old "Smokey and the Bandit" star and they are urging him to see a doctor asap.Those closest to Burt Reynolds that the aging film star could be now suffering Parkinson's Disease as well as a long list of other various health issues that include heart and mobility issues. Reports reveal that Burt appears to have lost his zest for life, forced to walk with a cane these days, the once popular movie heartthrob now prefers to spend his time quietly at his home in Tequesta, Florida.

Burt Reynolds showing signs of Parkinson's Disease?

Friends claim that Burt is now showing some symptoms that could point to the actor being in the beginning stages of Parkinson's Disease. Revealing that Burt suffers from stiffness in his joints throughout his body, tremors in his hands, and very rarely these days has much, if any, facial expression. They also believe that Burt knows that there is something seriously wrong, but refuses to seek medical advice because he is worried he will be given more bad news, something that he is just not willing to deal with at this time in life.

Long and brutal acting career taking toll on Burt Reynolds

However, Burt's rep claims differently, saying that Reynolds has been working and is recently coming off a four-week film project.

He also describes Burt as being the happiest he has seen him in years. Sadly, for several decades, Burt's health has taken a toll on him. He has undergone a quintuple heart bypass and has reportedly been to rehab to deal with drug and alcohol addictionissues. The road has been long for Burt, and a tough one for him to cope with.

Back in his prime Burt often performed his own stunts in his popular films, some of which have left his body battered, and beaten, and now that Burt is getting up there in years these issues are really starting to come back to haunt him.

It is a sad situation for an actor as prolific as Reynolds once was.