Britney Spears has had quite a recovery from her nervous breakdown almost ten years ago. However, the singer's money is still under the control of her father and will continue to be indefinitely. The pop star recently announced that she will be leaving her Las Vegas residency after four years. She will embark on a tour, during which she will visit Tel Aviv and Asia. After the tour, she is planning on releasing another album.

Britney Spears' breakdown

After Spears' widely publicized nervous breakdown in 2008, she was placed under conservatorship. This means that all of her personal decisions, including her Finances, have to be approved by her conservators.

Her father, Jamie Spears, is one of them. He is paid $130,000 a year by his daughter for his services, while the other conservator is Spears' lawyer Andrew M. Wallet. The singer's fortune is carefully guarded, and each purchase she makes has to be tracked in court documents.

Sources who spoke to Page Six have dividing opinions about Britney's conservatorship. One source shared: "Britney just keeps working and working, and everybody around her gets paid. It’s astonishing how hard she works, how well behaved she is now, but she still cannot make decisions about her own finances or personal life without the approval of her conservators." However, the source insisted that she is doing better now than ever before.

Another source called the machine behind Britney "creepy," and added that she seems like a walking zombie. However, one source said that the pop star is happier than ever because everything is taken care of for her, and that she is living in a bubble. She is dating personal trainer and model Sam Ashgari.

Britney feels 'lucky'

Ten years after her meltdown during which she shaved her head, Spears posted on her personal Instagram account that she feels very lucky. The picture is from 2010, and it shows the singer carrying one of her sons. The caption reads: "Found this today and realized I’m a very blessed and lucky mommy."

Her custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline was a rocky one, but the pair are now very friendly and very successful at co-parenting.

Federline and Spears have two sons together, Sean and Jayden James, who are 11 and 10 years old. During her battle with drugs and alcohol, her weight fluctuated, but Spears has since snapped back into shape and has been showing off her famously toned stomach.