Over the last year and a half, Alec Baldwin has been best known for his satirical portrayal of Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live." With a new book being released this week, Baldwin had some choice words for Fox News and Breitbart News during a recent Twitter post.

Baldwin on right-wing media

Once Donald Trump made his candidacy for president official, it was only a matter of time before "Saturday Night Live" found someone to take on the role. Once Alec Baldwin was tapped for the job, the veteran actor didn't look back and his performance has been praised ever since.

Baldwin has received such praise from the media that it often triggered Trump into late-night Twitter rants against the actor and the show. While Trump has been quiet on the issue since being sworn into office, that hasn't stopped Baldwin from speaking out on top political issues. As seen on his Twitter account on April 4, Baldwin has a few words to say about the Trump-supporting conservative media.

Taking to his Twitter account in an attempt to help promote his new memoir titled "Nevertheless," Alec Baldwin didn't hold back his thoughts.

"Only things negative, salacious and ugly from my book pulled for quotes by Breitbart-Fox," Baldwin tweeted out, before adding, "Doesn't change the fact you've ruined the country."

In a follow-up tweet, Alec Baldwin took a shot at Erik Prince, the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and founder of the controversial Blackwater security company.

Prince was recently accused of meeting up with Russian officials earlier this year, and Baldwin made sure to give his thoughts. "Interesting how I never knew DeVos' brother was Eric "Prince of Darkness" Prince," he tweeted. Baldwin has not been shy about his criticism of Trump and the new administration, and it doesn't look like he will refrain from voicing his opinion at any point in the near future.

Next up

After nearly a month off, "Saturday Night Live" will return this Saturday, and it's expected that Alec Baldwin will once again take on the role of Donald Trump. Though the president no longer makes public comments about "SNL," it's highly likely that he's still not a fan.