Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell looked like they might not even get married at one point, but now ben is speaking out and saying that things are going well for them. Fans saw on their reality show that Ben actually called off the wedding, but that simply meant they wouldn't be getting married right away, not that they wouldn't be getting married at some point.

Ben Higgins gives huge update on the couple and how they are now

Ben and Lauren have been engaged for over a year now, but they haven't even planned a wedding yet. Other couples from "The Bachelor" don't get married right away.

Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe haven't tied the knot yet either. Now, Ben Higgins is sharing that they are excited about their wedding when they finally do it.

Ben did share that they are actually trying to plan a wedding, even though it is a lot of work to do it. He shared that since they haven't been planning a wedding, it has been nice because they have been able to focus on other things and not be so busy. The couple could spend more time on their relationship, which it sounds like they needed. They also got a bit of a break from reality television, which they haven't had almost their entire relationship.

Ben went on to explain that for a while the couple was really stressed out. That isn't the case at all now.

It sounds like slow wedding planning is going to be the way to go for them and there is no reason for them to rush into anything because they know they plan to do it eventually. Ben said that now that life has slowed down they are excited about planning the wedding.

The viewers saw Chris Harrison give them the chance to have a television wedding, but they didn't end up happening.

Now that the wedding is going to be so far in the future, it might not end up being on television, but the fans are just going to have to wait and see how it goes down. Sometimes ABC wants to do the weddings, but if the couple was on the show a long time ago it might not be worth it to them.

Ben and Lauren are done with their own reality show, but they have been showing up on "The Twins: Happily Ever After?" with Emily and Haley Ferguson.

These girls were on their show, and now they are on their show a bit. This isn't a huge time commitment like having their own show was, so that does make things a bit easier for them.

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