While some “Bachelor Nation” fans were excited about the prospect that “Bachelor in Paradise” stars Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton might manage to piece their relationship back together again, it looks like any chance of that has officially flown out the window. The two made tabloid headlines this week due to a disagreement over a car and now things have exploded on social media.

Things got ugly recently between Amanda and Josh

InTouch initially shared the story of Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton having a disagreement over a car he bought her last fall, and as things progressed, his “personal assistant” ended up calling the police over to Stanton's apartment.

Not long ago, Murray was saying that he and Amanda were trying to work things out in their relationship, but it looks like that fell apart and is over for good now. Many “Bachelor in Paradise” fans had questioned how legitimate this reunion was, given that Amanda didn't seem to be saying much, but he gave numerous quotes to various tabloids, making it seem a bit orchestrated.

As news of the car incident spread, Amanda told Us Weekly that she and Josh do not talk anymore. In addition, Stanton said that she thought they had a plan in place to handle the car issue and she thought that involving the police was unnecessary.

Once the police were called and the car dispute was resolved, things escalated in the comment section of an Instagram post over the weekend.

One Instagram account named “Eesnotokay” had posted a photo including Josh, former “Bachelor” Juan Pablo Galavis, and “Bachelor in Paradise” bad boy Chad Johnson. While the post didn't garner any attention during its first few days, a flurry of activity hit over the weekend and it sparked a lot of 'Bachelor Nation” drama.

'Bachelor Nation' ladies are standing up for Stanton

The post encouraged followers to say which of the guys they wanted to marry, kill, or sleep with, and Emily Ferguson posted about wanting to kill Josh. Murray piped up fairly quickly and Haley Ferguson and Lauren Bushnell joined forces to battle back. Soon a private, seemingly new, account piped up and the “Bachelor” ladies alleged that the poster was actually Josh's mom, and Murray himself posted and quickly deleted some additional commentary.

The ladies made some intense allegations about Josh being emotionally and verbally abusive and Amanda herself commented thanking her squad for backing her up. Stanton also shared some posts on Twitter referencing the police incident and it's clear that she's been open with her friends Emily, Haley, and Lauren about all that's transpired with Josh in recent weeks.

While there are, of course, two sides to every story, the one thing that does seem quite clear at this point is that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are not on good terms and are surely over for good. Did you think that the “Bachelor in Paradise” pair ever had a chance of making it? Are you surprised by the chaos erupting from these “Bachelor Nation” stars?