Are “Bachelor in Paradise” stars Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray reuniting? The two got engaged during the Season 3 finale last year, but they split just ahead of Christmas and he moved back to Georgia. Now, however, the two are sparking some chatter because they were just spotted kissing in California. What's the scoop?

Amanda and Josh are reconnecting

Entertainment Tonight shared the pictures of Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton kissing and it seems that they were together over the weekend in Los Angeles. Us Weekly shares that according to a source close to the “Bachelor in Paradise” stars, they are reconnecting, but they are trying to keep things low-profile and private.

It seems that they are talking and trying to see if they can work through their issues, and they are moving ahead cautiously in great part because Amanda has two young daughters involved.

Josh shared via a Facebook live video that this past weekend was the first time he had seen Amanda in a while and he says that they had a great time together. Murray adds that they had always had a great relationship outside of the show and the publicity it brought, and he had said that he has really missed Stanton's daughters Charlie and Kinsley.

A 'Bachelor in Paradise' reunion seemed unlikely

Once Josh and Amanda confirmed their split, most “Bachelor in Paradise” fans definitely did not get the sense that a reconciliation was likely.

Of course, Murray and Stanton had weathered a lot of rumors and apparently a few quiet splits throughout their engagement, but the breakup that happened before Christmas seemed to be pretty final as Josh moved back to Georgia.

As People notes, the “Bachelor in Paradise” stars said at the time that they split that they ultimately were very different people and they determined that there were things they just could not fix.

It seems that the two felt that they had a lot that needed to be talked through yet and this reunion in Los Angeles clearly went well. The photos that have emerged show Josh and Amanda kissing and embracing, and while Murray said that they are looking to keep things private, his rendezvous with Stanton clearly did not go unnoticed.

Should Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton give their relationship another try, or are the two “Bachelor in Paradise” stars just too different to make things work?