Barry Manilow, at age 73, publicly came out and admitted his sexual preference. His coming out of the closet was confirmed by People magazine. Aside from that, the singer admitted that he was in a secret relationship with his manager Garry Kief dating way back to 1978 and officially wed in 2014.

In the 70s and 80s, singer and composer Barry Manilow was a household brand. His songs still echo in our airwaves today. His popular song "Mandy" was even covered in the early 2000s by the boy band Westlife. Another hit song that reminds us instantly of the famous singer is the song "Copacabana."

As a person, Barry is a private individual who rarely talks about his life.

In his interview, he revealed that at first, he was afraid to disclose his sexuality for fear that his fans might be disappointed. However, the singer revealed that he has received comforting words and even praise from friends and fans upon learning the news.

Aside from the "Copacabana" singer, there are other Hollywood stars who openly revealed their sexual preferences at a later point in their lives. Here are three celebrities who openly came out with their sexual orientation at the age of 60 and beyond.

Holland Taylor

Evelyn Harper of CBS’s "Two and a Half Men" revealed her sexual orientation in a radio interview in 2015. In that interview, she admitted that most of her relationships were with women and even admitted that she was in a relationship with a younger partner.

Later, it was revealed that her girlfriend is actress Sarah Paulson. Her official coming out to the public took place when she was 72-years-old.

George Takei

This actor has made headlines recently for openly criticizing the President of the US. George Takei openly confessed his sexual orientation to Frontier magazine in Los Angeles.

In fact, he announced that he has been in a relationship with Brad Altman for 18 years at the time of the coming out. He was 68-years-old when he came out as a gay. He played the role of Mr. Sulu in "Star Trek." Takei and his partner Altman got married in September 2008.

Lily Tomlin

Lily Tomlin plays the role of Frankie in the hit series "Grace and Frankie." She married her longtime partner Jane Wagner in 2013 at the age of 74.

Her partner is a writer and their relationship started in 1971. Over the years, the couple never denied their relationship. Tomlin would openly talk about her relationship with her partner in interviews. The only reason that she was reluctant about coming was because of her fear that her mother would have killed her.