Tom Bergeron has been hosting "Dancing With The Stars" since it first aired on ABC in 2005. The public finds out a lot about the celebrity contestants, the professional dancers, the judges, and host Erin Andrews. However, not much has ever been said about Tom Bergeron, the other host. While there have been four female hosts over the years, Bergeron has been there since the premiere of the show. Something has just come out about what he does before and during every episode.

Bergeron's ritual

Tom Bergeron shared with Us Weekly a little known fact about himself, and the magazine is happy to share it with his many fans.

Bergeron said before he begins hosting, he stays in his dressing room and meditates. He admitted that he developed the habit to stay calm while he is on the air.

Bergeron is no stranger to hosting reality shows. In fact, he is a professional at his job since he has being doing it for a long time. He hosted "America's Funniest Home Videos" for 25 seasons and turned the show over to Alfonso Ribeiro in 2015. Bergeron said over all those years, he has watched only about a half dozen of those episodes. Over the 12 years he has been hosting "Dancing with the Stars," he had watched only one episode. It is interesting that he gets paid $150,000 for hosting each episode.

During his career, the 61-year-old host has also been the lead man on other shows.

He rose to fame as the host of "Hollywood Squares." For that game show, he was nominated for five Emmys, and won one Emmy in 2000. Most people do not know that Bergeron used to be a guest host on "Good Morning America." He was also a fill-in host for "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."

Doesn't watch himself on TV

As you can see, Bergeron doesn't like watching himself on television even though he has been on TV for about 23 years.

His debut was in 1994 when he appeared on "Breakfast Time." The television personality describes the morning show as his favorite television experience.

Tom is a private person. He has been married since 1992, but he is rarely seen with his wife, Lois. They have two daughters, Samantha and Jessica. The family splits their time between Los Angeles and Greenwich, Connecticut, according to Zapzit.

According to Tom Bergeron's online profile, he is listed as a television personality, game show host and comedian. People know about the first two, but most people don't usually describe Tom as a comedian even though he does sprinkle some jokes throughout his conversations. Maybe Tom doesn't watch himself on television because he doesn't like hearing his own jokes.

Tom Bergeron might not like watching himself on television, but he has lots of fans who do like watching him host "Dancing with the Stars." Watch him on Season 24 that airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.