It is said that Kendall Jenner's latest Pepsi commercial is one of the worst commercials of all time and we've heard a lot about it recently. There were not many people who even tried to stand up for Kendall who was supposed to deal with the haters on her own. One of the rare friends who decided to come to Jenner's defense was Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin claims Kendall is too young and inexperienced

Baldwin posted on Twitter last Thursday, saying that people should stop blaming Kendall for this. He claims that her managers are the ones to blame because she is just another young, inexperienced woman in an awful world of show business.

Alec added that he remembers when Jenner was a young girl who went to school with his daughter Ireland. All of that resulted in Baldwin being attacked due to his Kendall Jenner support tweet.

Many Twitter users were furious and wanted to know when or will she ever be an adult who capable of taking responsibility for her acts. However, Baldwin kept on defending the young star. He said they are insensitive and ignorant. One user even compared Jenner to Ireland, and Alec said that his daughter is not paid to trivialize a meaningful social movement.

Commercial failed to send a global message of unity and peace

In any case, big brands should probably avoid dealing with these sensitive subjects. It is impossible to imagine that any protest where people fight for their basic human rights with all their strength could be solved this way.

In a statement published on the official website of the company, Pepsi said that it did not intend to make light of any serious issue. They claim that they wanted to send a “global message of unity, peace, and understanding.” However, the commercial was deleted 24 hours upon its release.

Though Alec Baldwin is doing his best to stand up for Kendall, many people who have been offended by the commercial are speaking pretty loudly as well.

DeRay McKesson, one of the activists of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, said that the commercial is trash. He even joked that maybe if he had Pepsi, he wouldn’t be arrested.

It is interesting to point out that no one explained why there were only young people included in the commercial and why did they carry signs that said “conversation” and “voice.” We hope Pepsi will take the time to explain this as well because it is very confusing and people will not assume they had good intentions with that as well.