People from all around the world love Ed Sheeran because of his songs and amazing performances. However, this time he made us fall in love with his soul because of a very special story Adian Priestly shared. Namely, it is a story about Adian's sister who spent last moments of her life listening to Ed Sheeran singing her Favorite Song just for her. The popular singer spent some of his time to make this incredible gesture for one of his biggest fans, and we simply love it!

Family started social campaign #SongForTri

Adian Priestly was a guest this week on the show with Ray D'Arcyja on RTE One channel.

He used the opportunity to share his sister’s story and all the struggles she had gone through before she passed. Triona Priestley died in 2014 following a very difficult battle with cystic fibrosis. Triona was a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, and she had a wish to meet Ed in person. That is why her family started social media campaign #SongForTri to catch Ed’s attention. They tried and tried for a long time, but there was no success.

However, one day their brother Colm’s phone rang, and he came back into the room still talking on the phone. They heard him saying to someone that he is going to put them on the loudspeaker and all of a sudden Ed Sheeran started talking. He spoke to Triona for a moment and then started to play her favorite song “Little Bird.” He sang in all the way through and more, giving a priceless gift to the young girl.

Triona passed with a smile on her face

Soon after he finished the song, the family thanked him and said they had to go. They hung up on him which was probably a bit rude of them, but that was because they noticed something was wrong with Triona. She had a big smile on her face, but her heart stopped beating. The last thing she heard was Ed’s “Little Bird” serenade for her tired heart.

At the moment, the entire family and hospital staff were in the room, and it was a heartbreaking moment for everyone.

Triona was also a fan of Disney. Her favorite line was “Hakuna Matata” meaning “no worries,” and that was symbolically engraved on her headstone. This inspiring girl shared daily updates from her hospital bed, and her followers helped her make her final wish come true.

This story made us love Ed Sheeran even more. Besides being an amazing singer, he proved to be pretty awesome human being as well. If only more celebrities took the time to do things like this, the world would be a much better place.