It’s that time of year when all sorts of weird and wonderful things crop up online and everyone gets a little dubious about their reality. One example is a book on offer by ThinkGeek. Anyone that watched the first season of the Netflix show “Stranger Things” is still wondering what happened to poor Barb. She disappeared from the show with no warning and no explanation. Now ThinkGeek have come up with a book to help fans find their lost heroine.

‘Where’s Barb?’ available now in ThinkGeek’s online shop

In their description of the product, ThinkGeek tries to evoke the atmosphere of the 1980s, a time of nostalgia for many, especially in the “Stranger Things” world.

They talk of a time when our telephones still hung on our walls, of Cabbage Patch Kids and Masters of the Universe. They also speak of the well known phenomenon, “Where’s Waldo?”

‘Where’s Waldo?’ does ‘Stranger Things’

Speaking of the latter, ThinkGeek thought a “Where’s Waldo?” crossover with “Stranger Things” would be the ideal way to track down the missing Barbara Holland. They tell us that in their new book, “Where’s Barb?,” we can start our own search party in the town of Hawkins to find Barb. The tome asks why Barb’s car is parked a couple blocks from Steve’s house and wonder if the missing girl is studying with her pal Nancy. While the local police are pretty certain Barb ran away, the book asks questions, gets us to reach within to get the true answer.

They also promise that the search will be fun for the whole family. So if you want to find Barb before the demogorgon gets hold of her, buy this book now.

Before “Stranger Things” fans get too excited about the possibility of personally tracking down the missing Barb, the product specifications for the book do end with the words, “Oh, wait,” as ThinkGeek recalls Barb is at the library.

All this and more from ThinkGeek this April!

According to CNet, the “Where’s Barb?” book is not the only offering from ThinkGeek, as you can also keep your toes warm in a “Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag” or keep cool at the office with a “Swim Desk.”

Yes, it’s April 1st, so anyone who fell for all of this is an April Fools!